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Final design

is a job matching platform with around 3000 users per month that helps companies find local freelance talents and to manage the associated paperwork; at the same time enabling people to live the flexible freelance life.

The mission of this redesign was to make the core flows of the platform more intuitive and to provide users with more feedback throughout the experience. As the sole designer in this project, I applied end-user feedback and stakeholder input to create a high-fidelity prototype (check it out!), …

UX/UI Bootcamp | Website Redesign | Solo project | 10 days’ Design Sprint

After several weeks of 4 days’ Design Sprint, this final project of 10 days was more than welcome. This project was also one of the most exciting, since I got the opportunity to dive deep into a real business problem — more specifically for the start-up ProdTo. ProdTo is an online grocery and meal kit company with business in the Lisbon area, Portugal.

Despite a brilliant idea of focusing on local produced food which is in favor of both the producer, customer and earth, the website showed…

Responsive webdesign | 5 days project | Group of 3 | Remote collaboration

For the sixth week of bootcamp, our challenge was to build a responsive microsite for a festival of our choice. The goal was to create one microsite for pre-event, during-event and post-event respectively, and strive for delivering a cohesive experience to the intended visitors.

My group chose Burning Man — a big festival held in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, annually since 1986. The event is described as an experiment in community and art; including artistic performances, installations, music and — of course, a lot of partying.

Photo of Black Rock Desert by on

The Problem


This week’s project takes off where it ended three weeks ago. Now, it was time to bring the research, ideation and testing all the way to High Fidelity — as both mobile and desktop version.

The first part of the story is available but in short:

The client for this project is Lulu & Friends, a caregiving association with focus on the emotional side of caregiving. The project actually ended quite far from where it had begun — after research and testing, we landed in a concept that offers three different types of training for informal caregivers, including one…

UX/UI Bootcamp | Solo project | 5 days’ Design Sprint

Who hasn’t felt frustrated trying to decide for what to watch on Netflix? You really don’t ask for much — you just want a relaxing night on the sofa, but get stuck in the djungle of titles that Netflix offers.

So had my client (read: peer) Beatriz felt anyway and for Ironhacks’ fourth Bootcamp week, it was my job to implement her suggested solution: a new shuffle feature for pilot episodes.

The challenge included interviewing users, analyzing Netflix and its competitors, define a concept and user flow and then go…

For this third week of UX/UI bootcamp, our challenge was to help a fictional workshop camp create an engaging online experience for students that for some aren’t able to attend the real camp.

This made-up workshop camp offers different kinds of courses, such as yoga and cooking, but me and my partner of the week chose to focus on creating a mid-fi prototype of a happy path for attending a language course.

Photo by on

Unlike the previous weeks, this week it was up to us to plan the whole project, prioritize which tools we wanted to use and set deadlines for ourselves.

For this second week of bootcamp, our goal was to help a local commerce go online and be more competitive on the market.

My partner actually had a friend in need — and it showed out to be not only an interesting commercial challenge, but also a job for a really good sake: teaching caretakers how to improve the relationship with their caretakers.

Photo by on

The culture is quite different in Portugal and Sweden — here EVERYONE has their elderly at homes with (more or less) professionals taking care of them, while in Portugal it’s not uncommon to be an informal caretaker…

The first week at Ironhack’s UX/UI bootcamp has been really intense and exhausting, at the same time so exciting and developing! Let’s see what result came out of it.

Working in groups, we chose a problem to focus at, going through the Design Process of diverging and converging with the goal to reach a concept of a solution (so we didn’t go through the last phases of developing and testing a concrete prototype).

We decided to focus on the problem with fake news, an especially important topic in these times with spreading of virus and panic. …

Part of my prework for Ironhack’s UX/UI bootcamp in Lisbon

In this challenge, the goal was to reverse engineer one popular app to practice wireframing and how to mediate the important parts of a wireframe. I chose a user flow of five screens from “Karma”, a very popular app in Sweden where restaurants and cafés offer food with short expiry dates for half the price. The task was to create wireframes that focus on the interaction design and user flow of the app and leave out distracting details like color and shape.

What I found challenging was to decide which…

Part of my prework for Ironhack’s UX/UI bootcamp in Lisbon


To practice and it’s five components:

  • Empathize: Interview users with experience of buying tickets for public transport to understand their problems and needs
  • Define: Formulate a problem statement based on insights from the interviews
  • Ideate: Practice brainstorming to come up with possible solutions for a user-friendly feature to purchase tickets in Citymapper
  • Prototype: Realize the best solutions by making paper prototypes of them
  • Test: Evaluate the prototypes with users

The challenge

Citymapper is a travel planner app, available in 41 cities around the world. …

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